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You may have noticed that the website hasnt been updated in over a year now. (Apart from this bit you're reading now obviously.) This is because i suddenly got very busy, and the amount of work that needed doing to this site to make it decent again no longer seemed worth the time it would take, and with all websites the enthusiasm you get when you first launch it leaked out of me, and the updates became rarer.

Instead of putting the effort in, i have in fact decided to put more effort in, by creating a new site from scratch, and having this as the sister site dedicated to something or other like humour and/or the history of the websites etc.

The new site will be much more informative, and contain information about me, my life at the university of essex, my interests, my ambitions etc. it will include personal photos of me and my friends, not just random ones i stole off the internet. It will in short be BIGGER AND BETTER THAN THIS SITE HAS EVER BEEN. The site is underway and will be launched sometime next year. If you want to recieve an email when it is launched to let you know, please sigh the guestbook (you can find the link on the left) and leave your email address.

Thanks for visiting this site, and i hope you enjoy whats left of it, and check out my new one once it is complete.

Pete 'Simpsonion' Simpson.

Website Timeline- Major Updates

14.9.01 Work on the site started!

23.9.01 Site finished.

24.9.01 Website Launch Day!

1.10.01 First of many updates, the about page had a new look, and the Birthday Page had its first victim! (it was Jane Jordan)

8.10.01 Laura's Page added.

16.10.01 Colour Scheme changed to black, purple and orange.

20.10.01 The Birthday Page got its second victim, Rosie Bleasdale.

6.11.01 Christmas Page added and Galleries started.

12.11.01 The Birthday Page got its 4th person: my nephew Oliver, and the photo on the home page was added to mark the occasion. Also 2 of the galleries (sexism and funny signs) are finished. And the addition of the Making Money Page gave me a record number of pages!

25.11.01 The 5th person to have a Birthday Page was zJemma Hart, whos page was completed today. The Christmas Page was updated and another Gallery was finally finished!

7.12.01 There are now 4 fantastic galleries, and for the first time the Birthday Page had two people on it, they were Pete and Oliver Gingell.

2.1.02 Website is updated for the new year, and the beautiful Anna-lou Hopper featured on the first Birthday Page of 2002.

7.1.02 Colour scheme has been changed, to Blue Black and pure White (not the horrible beige that it was when it was launched). My sister Tonia was on the Birthday Page.

24.2.02 Two friends from school featured on the second ever joint birthday page, they were Rag and Rochelle.

26.2.02 Faye and Anna-lou's Page is finished, and The Simpsometer (the hit counter below) reaches 1000 hits only an hour after Janine reached 100 hits on her fansite, so well done to Janine, as well! the fansite (http://simpsonfanclub.20m.com) can be accessed via the links page.

19.3.02 To prove i do work on the site occasionally, a new page was added, explaining how and why my current and previous email address came into being. this is only worth going on if you are bored enough, because i dont think anyone will really care. The email page can be found amongst the pages above + to the left, while the new email address is also featured here:


30.3.02 On the day the Queen Mother died, her majesty found herself featured on the Birthday Page, with Rolf Harris and Ellen, very very amusing, if you missed it, id be annoyed if i were you!

18.4.02 Uncle Simpsonion announced on his website that he became an Uncle for the second time! The Birthday Page was dedicated to Lotte, for far too long and many important birthdays were missed off, sorry!

22.8.02 I got back off holiday, opened my results and after many hours of deliberation decided to publish them in full in a secret exam related location on this website. Also the Birthday Page has been updated with, what should be, all those missed birthdays.

The Simpsometer, over 3 thousand hits, and I'm not even updating it anymore!