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Recommendations Page

Recomendations are divided into music, tv, film, games and 'other'.

The other section is for other pointless recommendations, facts and tips etc.

This page is under re-construction, along with much of the site. sorry for any inconvience.


Best song of the week:

Other great songs this week:

Look out for:
The Streets - 'Weak Become Heroes (Steve Osborne mix)' (15/7),
Sum 41 - 'It's What We're All About' (17/6),
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'By The Way' (1/7),
Muse - 'In Your World' (17/6)

Worst song of the week:

Album of the week:

Recent Purchaces:
Barenaked Ladies- Disc One this is the BNL greatest hits, and it was suprisingly pretty good! as u may or may not know i have a thing for greatest hits albums, and having never owned a copy of 'One Week', i thought id take a risk and see what else that band had to offer, and first the CD didnt seem that special but one day i just found most of the tracks stuck in my head, and after playing it again, i actually realised how great all these songs were, they were tuneful, funny, catchy, but yet with a moral, but with out being boring or dragging, just how songs should be.

Best tracks: Get in line, Shoebox, If i had , One week.

Recomended? yes, a fantastic collection of songs.

Anything Else? yeah, these songs seemed to do fairly well in Canada and Yankland, yet no1 will have heard of them here, this just adds to my theories over the whole charts thing being a major conspiricy. if i ever do become a radio presenter i will play good songs like these, because they should be out there in other people's heads.

The must ask question of the week:

Best TV programme of the week: (),

Also check out:

Worst TV prog of the week: (,,)

Advert of the week:

Must ask question of the week:


Best film of the week:,

Worst film of the week:

Video/DVD of the week:

Latest in LOTR saga: ive given up.

Must ask question of the week:
I have an XBOX! therefore this section will now revolve around that.

Game of the week: Those questions ive been answering and organising for the About Page. Yes, apparently they are a game! you'll see what i mean when they are finished, look out for an announcement about it coming soon!

Computer Game of the Week: Halo, this pips Tony's 3 because i dont usually like this sort of game, and the fact that i do suggests its pretty good. Tony's will probably be next weeks.

Console of the week: XBOX!!!!, as you've probably read at the top of this section, i have purchased one! it is a great console as expected, i especially like the inbuilt memory, DVD player, and ability to copy music onto its memory for use in games (e.g. Tony's 3) and just playing without CDs. It also has great games available, and many others in the pipeline, im lookin forward to Buffy and GTA4!!!


Website of the Week: www.bless-d.co.uk

PG's Tip: Remember that he who drinks Australian, thinks Australian, so for God's sake dont drink any American brew! (what a classic! well done P.G.)

Interesting fact of the week:

Things to do this week:Enjoy the rest of Summer!