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The Birthday Page - Missed

This unusual Birthday Page is dedicated to all those people close to me whose birthdays' i failed to mention because of the special page dedicated to my niece.

19.04.02 Lucy Wright
Lucy was 17, she is in my psychology class + is an amazing friend. she owes me a letter.

28.04.02 James Ogle
James was also 17, he used to be in my psychology class but is now just a random person in my year. He is liked by most, as he is funny etc.

17.05.02 Erin Orchard
I met Erin in 2000 while camping, we've since only seen each other once, but have remained close even so. Shes kind, funny and pretty.

03.06.02 Ellie Darlington
Ellie was about 15, she is crazy.

03.06.02 Katy Allen
Katy was also 15, im gonna beat her up. But shes a cool person, i like her.

13.06.02 Tim Allen
No, not Katy's father, its Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor! i loved that show. He was 49.

16.06.02 Tim Gunn
Tim, Tim, Tim. or TJ, or Timothy James! anyway, Tim was 17, he's my mate from Tickhill, see more of him on tickhillskaters.20m.com

17.06.02 Philip Simpson
Phil is my brother and loving father of Oliver and Lotte. He's in his 30's. He's not gonna see this so i can slag him off, but i can't because he's ace!

27.06.02 Colour TV
Yes, our faithful friend was born on the 27th of June in the year 1929. Happy Birthday Colour TV!!! i'm gonna watch Buffy to celebrate!

06.07.02 Matthew Bacon
Guy from my Physics class, he's a bastard + he owes me money. But he's funny and we have a good hate thing going on.

21.07.02 Louisa
She's going to Thailand with me, she's a little mad, but shes funny + i like her. Lou was 16.

28.07.02 Hamburgers and potatoes
Amazingly both born on the same day! but hamburgers in 1900 and tat's in 1586, when they were introduced to The West.

30.07.02 World Cup Win
Sadly only very nearly repeated this year, we still only have one anniversary of Winning the World Cup to celebrate, and that is on the 30th of July.

05.08.02 Usman Rana
Crazy guy in my physics class. He's so funny + a right devious little bastard! He was 17.

06.08.02 Janine Boor
Oh Janine! So sorry i missed your birthday on here, its not really right if you're the founder of the fan club (simpsonfanclub.20m.com) and you don't get your own birthday page, but i was on holiday. i promise i'll do one next year. I love Janine, she makes me smile.

12.08.02 Gramophone
The Great-Grandfather of music, should be celebrated for paving the way for home music and all things like CD's + Mini Discs. Born in 1887.

20.08.02 Nick Kitchen
Another guy from my Physics class! Nick also owes me money, just under £1,000,000, yes its true! But he can afford it because he's a multi-millionaire. Also true, honestly! He was about 17. He's good at tennis.