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Monday the 15th of November saw the first Society night hosted by Essex Uni’s Liberal Democrat Society at a Students’ Union venue since they were formed. Although a relatively high attendance was expected for a Monday night, the amount of people actually at Level 2 was much higher than any of the society anticipated, with hundreds of people showing up.

As well as being so popular, everyone we spoke to on the night said what a fabulous night it was and what a great time they were having. Many people commented on the colourful decorations, and the number of people in fancy dress and the quality of their costumes.

Chair of the Society Jon Bramall, who had a false moustache and an incredibly long wig, and chose the best dressed competition’s final 3 men and 3 women (the winners of which were then chosen by the crowd, and were presented with a bottle of wine each) was thrilled by the success of the night. He said, “It was great to see so many students at a Political Society’s event, having a good time. It goes to show that politics isn’t just about boring white men in boring grey suits.”

“Thank you to everyone who came, and especially thanks to everyone who came in fancy dress, it was amazing to see so many people put so much effort in.”

“The music was excellent. DJ’s Jack and Greg put on a fantastic set which got a great response from the crowd until the end of the night. Thanks to them for volunteering to do this for us.”

 “The Lib Dem Society has proved it has gone from strength to strength by hosting such a popular night for its first night ever!”

The Students’ Union’s ENTS Manager, Lee Pugh was pleased to report the attendance figure to the society as a last minute decision to increase capacity to over 200 by hiring an extra member of staff had paid off.

Lee commented that the whole night was a great concept and that he was pleased to see that the Society had put in a good team effort and made it a success.

Students’ Union President Gareth Oughton commented on the fantastic publicity of the event and went on to say “It’s got a good chance of winning society event of the year!”