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Making Money

As well as from the chocolate business i'm infamous for, i need to make money in these other ways:

To go to Thailand...

If you didnt know, im going to Thailand in December this year! But if you want to make sure u get me out the country for FOUR WEEKS feel free to make a donation. More information can be found on this via the Ventures website, a link to which is on my links page. Alternatively contact me.

Congratulations to the Young Enterprise company Pukka, who won an award at the annual ceromonial gathering of companies in Lincoln last week. We actually won the award for the best display stand, its not quite company of the year, but even so its an award, and by winning it we proved that we really were the best company in the school, because T42 gayness (L2T) were the only company there that didnt win an award! oh well!
Children In Need

Well i just about managed to get through the week without flicking pens. I've just got the money from a few more people to collect in, i know its ages after, but some people are tight. Thank you everyone for their sponsers and support through this difficult time.

Ive realised that i am more addicted than i thought to this, and wont be parting company with pens ever again!

If you still want to help, you can make a donation, and i'll send it off with the money.

Thank you