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Favourite Links

Here are some good links

Try them!

And remember to check back for more links in the future.

Some of my favourite links:
www.deanandnigel.co.uk A hilarious site about these two guys who go around dressing up like the people they see in the streets, its my favourite comedy site by a long way. Please go on it, because its so funny.

www.dumblaws.com Another really funny site that i dont visit enough, and has some good stuff on it. Not only was this featured on Grahem Norton, its recomended by me!

www.thewebreview.com A site with reviews and scores about other websites in a range of topics, updated every week and has brought to my attention some classic websites, that id have never found otherwise, well worth checking occasionally, or search the archieves on it for some great sites.

geocities.com/madsferak This is quite simply the best site done by somebody i know, if you are thinking about any of these links i really recomend this one. It is by mads, shes not a close friend of mine but ive always admired her from affar, she is just so cool, as is her website, well done mads! 10/10

geocities.com/nicoleversace/nicolehome.html Website of Nicole, a good friend of mine from Saudi Arabia. This is a pretty good site i have to say, i do like the interview section, a clever idea and put into practice well. Shes a lovely person, and shes good lookin too! Great site Nicole, well done!

Uni of Essex Lib Dem Soc I couldn't resist coming back here and putting a link for this! I love this site! (It's kind of my new one until I do one all about me...)

Ventures See what we do at Ventures, and you can get to the Thailand page via this.

communities.msn.co.uk/RockPunkMetal A really dudey music site by Marzi. More bands than you can name are featured, so you are bound to find one that you like. If you like rock type music, this is a site for you.

tickhillskaters.20m.com Site just about finished now, welcome to the brand new home of Tickhill Skaters! a much better site than the last one, and guess who gave them the idea to use 20m! the fame of my website spreads!

simpsonfanclub.20m.com Well what can i say, thank you Janine for this honour! I now not only have an official fan club, but a fanclub site now as well. Im very proud of this, thank you to all the members for they're support, and esspecially Janine, who put a lot of work into this, even if she didnt draw the pictures, thank you!

Thats all i can think of for now, but there may be more to come in the future!