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In the beginning

The first address i ever had was pete125@yahoo.co.uk, this was before anyone i knew really used hotmail. It was later briefly updated to pete225@yahoo.co.uk, before the original hotmail address.


Ah the wonders! my first hotmail addy was petersimpson24@hotmail.com, this was the first one i used msn with as well, back in the day. Fairly soon after i decided i needed a new one, because every1 was saying it was too unoriginal.

after experimenting with the_simpson@drinkduffbeer.co.uk (sumplied by another.com, since turned into a pay4email site, curse it to hell) i decided i had to stick with hotmail, and so after being really stuck i called on my good friend James 'Gap' Harris for ideas, he fairly quickly mentioned the now legondary simpsonion@hotmail.com, unfortunately i cant take the credit for it, it must all go to Gap.

I got the pun straight away, and thought it was perfect, so i rushed to set it up, and to my relief it had not been taken.

Why change the perfect simpsonion?

As proud as i was of simpsonion, launching a new nickname, and giving the name to this here website (obviously) the problem was junk mail, im sure you've all had it at some time, bloody junk mail. i tried pete's advice of unsubsribing (to things i never subscribed to) but it was too overwhelming, and i decided it was time for a change as well, and so just after the launch of this site back in september, i tried to find an address that was as good as simpsonion as possible.

to my annoyance, simpsonic and simpsonite were taken, leaving me with the possiblilites of simpsonatti or simpsonova. neither of which i really liked, but in the end i went for simpsonova, because it was like supernova, which are very exciting astrological events.

even though janine said she liked it (see guestbook entries, thank you janine (see fansite)) the general opinion was one of "its crap" and it dint grow on me at all, so i decide to annoy everyone AGAIN, by setting up a new one.

Then along came a great band

it was around this time (february) that i became a fan of the fantastic idol minds (i may have mentioned them in other places). they gave me the inspiration i needed, and it didnt take a genious to think idol_mind@hotmail.com would be good, but once again annoyance set in when it was taken. this left me with idol__mind or idol_mind_ (in honour of faye's address, which has an underscore at the end). i didnt really like either, but probably would have gone for idol_mind_ if it had not been for zJemma saying not to, because people would miss off the last underscore. i knew that faye managed fairly well, but zjemma has a way of putting her views across, and i went back to think.

in the end i went with idol_mind85, because 85 was my birth year, and even though numbered ones arnt very original, lots of people have their birth years in them (or used to), so i thought id give it a go. im quite pleased with it, i hope it gets a good responce, and no junk mail. (i hope the junk mail wasn't you Pete G!)

thank you for your valuable time in reading this pointless information, when i could have just said my new address is idol_mind85@hotmail.com.